How Bank of America Has Helped a Hot Dog Stand

It was in the year 1941 when Paul and Betty Pink were selling hot dogs from a cart on a corner street in Los Angeles. Bank of America gave them a $4,000 loan in order for them to buy their property. Because of this, their cart has become a little hot dog business, known as Pinky’s Hot Dog. I have eaten their hot dogs many tines, and I have always enjoyed them.

As I pass by Melrose and Highland Ave., I can see people standing in line to get their hot dogs. One day, when I was driving by, there was a sign stating that they were selling their hot dogs at a low price. There was a special occasion at that time, and the line was quite long. This spot is known as the Hollywood Legend.

I’m not getting paid for this article, I’m just letting people know that although presently there are people who have negative feelings about banks, there are some banks that try to

help. Bank of America is doing their best.

Source: L.A. Times an ad about Bank of America, Sunday, October 9, 2011

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