How Do I Change My Login Username for My Netgear Router?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the username for a standard home-use Netgear router. However, it is possible to change the password to your wireless router with a few easy steps. Although a Netgear router will not allow you to change the username, several other standard home-use routers do allow users to change the username. These directions are to change the administrative password, not the router’s pass-phrase password.

1. Open your web browser and type in your router’s IP address. The default IP address for Netgear routers is

2. Enter your username and password once prompted by your web browser. The default username and password for Netgear routers are admin and 1234 respectively.

3. Select “Set Password” from the left hand navigation menu on the router’s manager menu.

4. Type in the old password, which should be 1234 if it is set to default and then type your new password twice.

5. Click “Apply” and the new password will take effect immediately.

Other Information: Only the Prosafe Netgear commercial router allows users to change login usernames. Keep in mind that the administrative password on a Netgear router is different from the pass-phrase used for WEP security.

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