How I Lost 35 Pounds with Mild Exercise

During training periods where I use strength and cardiovascular exercise to enhance performance during skiing or tennis, I naturally consume a few more calories, including carbohydrates that provide energy.

However, there are the other times I am active mostly at work, with errands, and housework. With this relatively mild exercise, I have still found a way to reach my target weight, considering my height and body frame.

Like many, I followed the ever so popular low-carb diet, although with a twist. Plenty of low or no-carb diets call for a lot of protein intake as well as unlimited fat intake. I’ve heard the diet is effective in reducing weight of up to ten pounds per week, which is nutritionally unhealthy. Plus, with unlimited fat consumption, I don’t fathom how you can lose that amount of weight, after all, calories are calories, even with ketosis benefits included when our bodies use our stored fat for energy. The concept of unlimited fat consumption reminds me of the myth touting the loss of belly fat, when spot reduction is impossible. Plus the saturated fats are bad for the heart.

Onwards though, I lost 35 pounds of weight in three and a half months by eating small portions of very lean meat, only vegetables such as brocolli and spinach, and no refined grains, nor whole grains. I had fruit such as apples and oranges, and yes, a banana here and there. The banana has quite a few carbs, though at 85-100 calories, they are probably the most filling of all fruits and for me stabilizes the glucose levels better than any other fruit that I know of. I like that because it wards off hunger pangs.

Deprivation doesn’t take well in diets though. Twice per week, to savor the savory, in a microwave-safe bowl I whisked (and still do) together two eggs and one tablespoon of lowfat milk, then zapped in the microwave for one minute. Meanwhile, dicing lean ham, some cheese, and lots of onion and then adding it to the eggs, whisking then zapping for another one and a half minutes turns out a delicious meal. The eggs actually do turn out fluffy, and omitting the oil or butter saves at least 100 calories.

Most folks like indulging in chocolate; I’m one of them. That darn one cup of chocolate chips equals about 1120 calories. To conquer chocolate’s taunting, I used a cup of lowfat warm milk, cocoa, and a bit of granulated sugar to satisfy the craving.

Previously, because of the monosaturated fat, protein, niacin, B6, and numerous minerals, I casually throughout the day snacked on a small amount of mixed nuts, which added up to the amount equaling one half to one cup per day. Here’s the catch: One cup equals 876 calories. During the diet, I completely omitted the snack. I must say though, since reaching my goal weight, I now occasionally still have them for the same nutritional benifits, and the delicious flavor.

Since my goal weight was reached, I continue to omit refined grains but have added whole grains, a variety of vegetables and fruits, and from time to time indulge in chocolate’s sweet paradise.

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