How I Saved $18,000 Buying My New SUV

I saved about $18,000 by finding a car online. I knew exactly which car I wanted to purchase. I wanted a Cadillac Escalade that was a 2007 model or newer. I also knew that I wanted the truck to be black, have touch screen navigation, a rearview camera, and a remote start system.

I looked around locally, but the prices were in the range that I could not afford. I got a quote from the local Cadillac lot for the Escalade with all of my requirements. That SUV would have cost $45,000 by the time taxes, tags and fees were all calculated. It would have been nice to get it here in town, but paying that much for a car is just not in my budget.

I also visited lots in Cary and Raleigh. I found that most of the vehicles were just base models, and didn’t include any of the features that I was looking for. Some did not even have navigation, yet they were priced in the $40,000 range.

I wanted the vehicle, but I didn’t want to pay any of the prices that I found. My logic told me that if I could expand my search to include areas that sell a lot of Cadillac Escalades, I could get a better deal. That meant that I would need to expand my search area to include almost the entire east coast including parts of Georgia, DC, Maryland, Jersey and New York.

I searched two main internet sites. I began on and then compared those prices to the prices on I broadened my search radius to 500 miles to see where the best deals were on the specific vehicle that I wanted. I was able to locate several vehicles right off the bat priced at $35,000 and below. I had hit pay dirt. I would have to drive to get them, but there were definitely deals to be had.

I finally found the perfect Cadillac Escalade at Fred’s Select Auto located on the web at When I finally arrived at the lot 5 hours away to get my new car, it was better than I even imagined. The vehicle had heated and cooled seats. It also had a heated steering wheel. It also had beautiful rims on it that couldn’t be seen clearly online. I took it on a test drive and was sold on the vehicle instantly. The customer service was great at Fred’s.

My final price was $28,000. That price was $18,000 cheaper than an identical vehicle in my area. I have owned the vehicle almost a year now and everything has run perfect. I have only had to do routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. I am so pleased with my vehicle and will definitely be purchasing future vehicles at Fred’s Select Auto.

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