How Interstitial Advertising Gives Guaranteed Views

So an interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears to a user before they are taken to the true destination in which they were going. Depending on which company your purchasing your ads from. The time they what you are advertising will vary between 5 seconds up to even 30 seconds before the visitor can skip the ad and go to their original destination.

As we start this discussion, I will mainly be referring to experience I have gained using the program known as At the time I am writing this, you can purchase 1,000 unique views from the U.S. for about $4.00, and 1,000 Leaderboard Banner views from the U.S. for about $1.00.

So while this program requires you to make a minimum of at-least a $5.00 purchase. We know to get full-page ad views we would have to spend $8.00 which will turn out to be 2,000 views, and we can get 5,000 Leaderboard Banner views. This works out to $0.004 per visitor for full-page views, and $0.001 per Leadboard Banner view.

So now we will move on to me sharing my experience with using both forms of advertising. The full-page ads offered through them will put your website, blog, or affiliate offer right in front of the user for 5 seconds. That means what your advertising has to get the persons interest within 5 seconds. Can it work? Well one small flash gaming site I started to operate I decided to advertise my registration url for my site. Out of a $8.0920 spend gave me 2,023 views to my registration url. The numbers are off because a little extra traffic always gets through. After this spend I ended up having about 25 people sign-up for my site. Not bad seeing as the fact I had no members when I started. I was so excited to check my e-mail each day and see it say, “New User Registered at Your Site”.

Now the Leaderboard Advertising works differently. The user is directed to the destination they were going to automatically, only difference is the leaderboard banner is shown in a top frame to the user. This top frame can be closed by the user when they wish. As like most any form of banner advertising. Your banner needs to be something catchy that will get their attention and usually needs to have some form of call-to action, like click here to join for free and so on. In my honest opinion I have never had much luck doing this form of advertising with the program, but some of the better advertisers may have good results from this. If no one was having some good results, then I don’t see how they could still be providing this service.

So if your looking for a low cost method of bringing traffic to your website, blog, or affiliate offer. I hope this information has gained you some interest in this form of advertising, and if you would like to try them for yourself. Click here to visit and join

Before I move on to a small warning with this form of advertising, I would like to invite you to see two examples of both forms of advertising you can do.

Example one,, as you can tell in the link. This one will take you to the google search page. This is what is known as Interstitial advertising, or full-page ad.

Example two, This one will take you to the MSN homepage and is known as Leaderboard advertising, or Framed Banner.

Now let us move on to a small warning I would like to share with you. If the page you are advertising through a full-page ad, has lets say Google AdSense ads on them. This could lead to your account being suspended and terminated. Some networks for publishers just do not like this method of bringing traffic to your site. So always be sure to check over the terms of service to see how they feel about this form of advertising. With that being said there are people who have ran their affiliate URL for programs like Amazon. A lot of people lost there Amazon Associates account doing this. So what can you do?

For one, be sure to always read the terms of service with any program you join, and if Interstitial isn’t directly mentioned. You could also look for the rules about CPV (Cost Per View) advertising. As this method is similar to one another. If you want to try and promote an Amazon Associate link to a certain product. Do as you normally would and send the views to your “review blog”, and not directly through your affiliate link. Another thing you could always do is create a landing page for which you can advertise and see how many people click through to your site or program.

On a last quick note, if you write for article sites like Associated Content or Triond, they also do not fully appreciate this form of traffic. Sending this form of traffic could lead to your account being terminated.

Well thanks for taking the time to listen to me speak about this form of advertising. Which I still use to this day. Remember if interested you can Click here to visit and join

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