How MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Got so Popular and the Italian Cast Got Their Nicknames

There aren’t many television shows that have become as famous and popular as MTV’s Jersey Shore. A real show that is sometimes so bad it’s good, Jersey Shore is about a Guido (Italian) cast of young people who live a life of partying. The Jersey Shore seasons tell how these confident, wild characters meet and the drama that happens as they form friendships and relationships with one another. What has made this MTV show such a wildly popular hit among teens today?

Maybe the answer is a combination of Jersey Shore’s cast, often dirty humor, and funny drama that happens between the cast members. From their tan, muscled bodies to their love of getting into the “Smush Room” (a room used for one night stands), the Guido cast of Jersey Shore is very popular, while the nicknamed characters on the show gets thousands and thousands of viewers each week to watch their new season in Florence, Italy.

The Guido Cast of the Jersey Shore

The most popular part of MTV’s Jersey Shore is likely its funny, nicknamed, and often wild to watch cast. Proud Italians that are in their home country of Italy, the cast of Jersey Shore was a huge hit after their introduction from the first episode during the first season. Snooki, a nickname for Nicole, is a wild girl who sometimes acts dumb and loves muscle men almost as much as she loves pickles. Mike “The Situation” always needs to GTL (which stands on the Jersey Shore for Gym, Tan, Laundry) when not making a “situation” of picking up girls at the clubs. Vinnie is looking for the right Italian woman, yet he doesn’t have a problem with taking someone home for the “Smush Room” some nights after a fist pumping good time.

Pauly D, another cast member of Jersey Shore, enjoys pulling pranks on his roomates and works as a tan DJ back home. J-Wow got her nickname for the way people sometimes say “wow” because of her large breasts, while the new Deena is another club party girl and good friends with Snooki. The on and off couple Ronnie and Sammy “Sweetheart” also like to GTL and get over their many breakups with a quick visit to the “Smush Room.”

The new season of Jersey Shore isn’t taking place at the Jersey Shore or anywhere in America, actually – the proud and partying Italian Guido cast went to Florence, Italy this season. As the Jersey Shore MTV website announces, “the Jersey Cast has remained true to who they are — with plenty of GTL, fist pumping, and hair gel. It’s just a little funnier in a foreign country.”

Funny Times and Nicknames on the Jersey Shore

What makes Jersey Shore so funny and popular among teenage audiences are the wild, partying lifestyles and dirty humor on teh show. From GTL (again, going to the gym, getting a tan, and doing the laundry) to fist pumping, the laughs found on the first season of the Jersey Shore seems to be just as funny this new season in Florence. The cast of Jersey Shore likes heading to clubs for a night of partying and drinking, which often leads to funny times.

Some of the famous nicknames of the characters are even copyrighted, the cast jokingly claims. While the Italian cast of Jersey Shore is definitely making a lot of money from the popular show, often some members make dumb or stupid comments to get a laugh, especially Snooki and Deena. Again, the focus on getting tan and getting lucky in the “Smush Room” are always funny topics found on Jersey Shore. Even on the most recent season of Jersey Shore in Florence, Italy, the cast’s humor stays similar – while they enjoy the new sights there, they have missed “the hair gel, GTL, and muscle guys of Jersey,” states NYDailyNews.

The Drama and Relationships between the Cast on the Jersey Shore

In addition to the laughs found on Jersey Shore, the drama and situations that happen on the show gather quite a few fans and audiences, too. Since so many of the cast members sleep with one another or have relationships with people on and off the show (both at the Jersey Shore or at home), drama is never far behind when they are put in a tempting situation while drunk. Some members of the cast have been sent to jail for the night after their antics at a club, such as Snooki and Ronnie after a fight, while first season cast member Angelina even left the show because no one liked all of her drama.

A major cause of drama from the previous seasons of Jersey Shore was the on and off relationship between Sammy “Sweetheart” and Ronnie. The crazu couple would always argue only to make up again; the relationship got even a bit dangerous when Sammy found out Ronnie cheated on her in Miami with other girls at a club when he was drunk. Viewers can only wait and see what more drama is to come in this newest season in Florence, Italy.

Why People Watch and Will Keep Watching Jersey Shore

Most eople still watch Jersey Shore for the funny situations and drama that happens around the partying cast members of the show. Though some say it’s a bad show, the content is just too good to turn the channel from. From GTL to fist pumping to the Smush Room, there are plenty of laughs and “wow’s” to be had. While many people may look down upon the famous show, it is a sure thing that it has influenced the younger generation. If you don’t already watch the show and perhaps want to see why the Guido cast of the Jersey Shore is so popular, then you can watch the newest season of the wild show on Thursday nights on the MTV television network.


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