How Much Sugar is in a Healthy Diet

In a healthy diet, sugar gives you a large portion of the calories you need. Limiting the sugars you eat to an amount just enough to add to the natural fructose and lactose in fruits and milk will keep the sugar level moderate.

Food Cups

Find the daily sugars you need in fruits like apples and bananas, and in milk, cheese and yogurt. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines suggest eat 2 cups fruit and 3 cups milk.

Basic Calories

In the average 2,000 calories per day diet, about 1/3 the calories are from sugars. Other than fruits and dairy, the sugars come from grains and any packaged foods and drinks, deserts and cuisine eaten while dining out.

Discretionary Calories

About 267 daily sugar calories can be chosen in foods not in the basic food groups.

High Sugar Foods

When choosing foods for the daily discretionary calories, avoid soft drinks, cakes, candies and ice cream. One daily soft drink has about 1/3 the calories.

A Simple Carbohydrate

Sugars are a simple carbohydrate. Know the difference from the complex carbohydrates found in breads, rice and vegetables.

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