How to Arrange a Small Kitchen

When a kitchen is small, a little creativity and ingenuity is required to arrange it in the very best way possible to maximize space. Everything typically used in a large kitchen and in large scale should not be crammed into a small space. It will not look or feel welcoming or comfortable. Read on to find out how to arrange a small kitchen, and expand the space by making the best choices. Less can become more!

Use a Small Table with Collapsible Leaves and Armless Chairs

Do not try to use a standard-size dining set when trying to arrange a small kitchen. No matter how the furnishings are arranged, they will take up far too much space. Opt for something smaller but just as accommodating and even more stylish. Buy a small table with drop leafs and stools or armless chairs. Use the leafs when necessary, and repurpose the two extra stools or chairs to another area of the home. When striving to arrange a small kitchen in the best possible way, use furnishings that fit the size of the room. Otherwise it will look overfilled and it will feel just as cramped as it looks.

Do Not Worry About Centering the Table Beneath Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is usually centered on the kitchen ceiling, but when the space is small, centering the furnishings below might not be possible. Everything does not have to be symmetrical for stylish results. When trying to arrange a small kitchen, forget about symmetry. This can cramp the room. Place the table of choice in center of the most open area. This is the best way to furnish the room because plenty of open space will be available around it. Even a small kitchen can look larger when it is not bursting at the seams with furnishings.

Arrange Stylish Shelves to Create Vertical Storage Space

When striving to adequately furnish and arrange a small kitchen, take advantage of vertical storage space. Unless three of four walls are filled with upper and lower cabinets, storage space is probably lacking. Hang shelves to create vertical storage space. Consider painted or stained wooden shelves with wooden brackets instead of metal. The look you choose will depend upon the style of the kitchen. Choose wall decor and storage solutions according to style, and arrange it accordingly. The options are endless.

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