How to Attract a Hot Woman?

First off I want every one of you guys out there reading this to know that I was NOT born good looking, charming or even nice for that matter… nor am I rich, athlete or a rock star. But I get laid like a rock star. I’m going to let you in a few secrets, I kept to myself all this years and the only reason I’m telling is because I’m getting married this weekend.

Here is the thing if you want to attract a really hot woman, you know a total 10, woman that has ALL the heads truing, you need to act like it’s no big deal any you’ve done it a thousand times already. Women sense fear and it turns them off more than anything you may have going against you.

They shy approach where you try to get a hot woman “tricked” into dating you by offering dinner, jewry, adoration or non-stop complimenting will tell her that it’s game over. She won you over by not even doing anything, only looking the way she does.

This is NOT ATTRACTIVE behavior and I guarantee it backfire. She may take your money, time and soul for that matter, but only cause you offer it so generously.

Now that we covered what won’t work, let’s get to the good part. What does work when trying to attract a hot woman?


I heard an interview with Sean Connery once and the reporter asked him what his secret was, how did he get all the beautiful women to fall for him?

Sean just said: “confidence, confidence, confidence”.

A confident guy doesn’t try to buy a woman’s attention because he deserves it without bribing her.

He also doesn’t over compliment a hot woman because she heard it already a thousand times before and if he does, he makes sure it’s something unique, original and NOT aimed to compliment her looks.

Also a confident guy makes sure she fits into his life schedule not the other way around after all he has a buys life and can’t wait around forever.

But most importantly a confident guy makes that hot woman feel like a woman, he flirts whit her, plays games, acts totally unexpected and doesn’t apologize for his sexual advances towards her.

To attract a hot woman all it really takes it to act like a confident man.

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