How to Be Sure Your Next Pet is Not from a Puppy Mill

When you see a picture of a puppy, it immediately tugs at your heart. Puppy mills work at getting to you through adorable puppy pictures without letting you know where and how these pups are raised. Most of you must be aware of the existence of puppy mills or may think that it only happens on TV as seen on “Animal Planet” and other news shows. This is so far from the truth. Puppy mills are in existence everywhere and only we can stop them from this flourishing and horrifying business. Dogs and puppies are living creatures that are treated as a product or commodity to the puppy mill owner. It breaks my heart and yours to think of the conditions these babies have to endure at the hands of abusive owners who can’t find a more honest way to make a living. In order to help put these puppy mills out of business, you must be sure your next pet is not from a puppy mill.

Puppy mill dogs are everywhere, either in pet stores or advertised in newspapers and on the internet. Trusting the internet to get your next puppy is very risky. You need to be aware of any shady tactics by the person advertising a puppy. If they have several breeds of dogs and are more than happy to ship the puppy out to you, chances are strong they are just in the puppy business for profit, not wanting you to know where and how that puppy has been reared and raised. Choosing a puppy from an internet site carries too many risks. Many puppies are available locally for you to choose from without trusting a “breeder” sight unseen.

Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills and it is highly discouraged that you purchase a dog from your local pet store. What happens is that they buy puppies, dirt cheap, from puppy mills and sell them to you at a huge profit. Of course, once you see those little darlings in the pet stores, you want to rescue it by purchasing the puppy. As you buy a puppy from the store, it creates an empty spot for the store owner to order more pups from the puppy mill — and the cycle continues. You may feel that you are rescuing a dog that is in the pet store but it only increases the puppy mill business. It is best that you do not even enter a pet store. You have to figure, at least, that those in the pet stores are no longer in a puppy mill and somehow on their way to a better life – eventually. If not sold, they may go to an employee, a friend or even a shelter where they will be adopted by a loving family. You can help from the start by walking away from the pet store and head straight to a shelter where many deserving pets are waiting for you to give them a loving home.

Be aware, also of any breeders with multiple breeds of dogs and those that are not willing to let you come to their home or “shop” to pick out and pick up your puppy. If they want to do business by meeting you on common ground without letting you see where and how your puppy was raised, that is a big red flag. Remember that you must be sure your next pet is not from a puppy mill. Know all the signs.

There are several organizations that can help you with further information on puppy mills, how to stop them and the best places to look for a loving family dog. Check out and to get further education on puppy mills, assisting in puppy mill legislation and finding reputable adoptive/rescue options and breeders.

Puppy mills are a huge problem and one that is so sad and horrifying for these little living beings. It just makes me wonder where these people’s hearts and minds are – obviously with the almighty dollar. We alone may not be able to take on the world but we can all band together to do our part. Puppies depend on humans to care for them. Let’s do what we physically can to stop these puppy mills and the more we work together, the more we can accomplish these goals. Be sure to love your own pets with all your hearts and remind them, as I do, how lucky they are to be so spoiled – and are they ever!!

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