How to Bring Out the Color of Deep Green Eyes

People often think that deep green eyes are brown, especially from a distance. I have deep green eyes, and people have assumed that my eyes are brown because I have dark brown hair. I use a few different makeup tricks to bring out the color of my eyes, and my techniques work to make them brighter and much more noticeable. After all, green is the rarest eye color, and they should be noticed and enhanced in stunning ways.

Use Sparkling Jade and Soft Black Eyeliner

Try combining jade and soft black eyeliner when trying to bring out the color of deep green eyes. I use a self-sharpening stick variety that is infused with tiny specks of glitter. I also use soft black eyeliner since jade is not quite dark enough to create the amount of definition that I prefer. I apply the colored eyeliner first, and I create a finer line of soft black on my upper and lower lids. Together they bring out the true color of my deep green eyes. This simple technique can work for you too. Using two hues gives the eyes more definition and artistic detail, especially when one is infused with glitter.

Apply Beautiful Shades of Emerald Eye Shadow

Green eye shadow is not for everyone, but it provides another great way to bring out the color of deep green eyes. I prefer a using two shades at once. I use a medium hue that matches the color of my eyes and a lighter shade for highlighting.

After applying the eyeliner as directed, use an applicator to apply the medium hue over the lids. Do not place it past the eyelids. Applying it up to the eyebrows is completely unnecessary. Apply the lighter hue in the center of each lid, and carefully blend in the edges. Not only will this application technique bring out the true color of deep green eyes, but the highlighting will also help to make the eyes appear larger.

Enhance Deep Green Eyes with an Emerald Shirt

Clothing has the power to bring out the color of deep green eyes. When I want to bring out the true color of my eyes I wear a deep emerald green colored shirt. My personal favorite is a v-neck chenille sweater. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I have been complemented on the color of my eyes while wearing it. The hue really plays up the color of my eyes, and it does it in a stylish way.

In addition to eye makeup and clothing, I wear a pair of beautiful green crystal earrings when trying to bring out the color of my eyes. They are beautifully faceted and shimmer and shine in the light. I wear this pair most often because they enhance my eyes. Give these easy techniques a try, and bring out the deep green color of your eyes in beautiful new ways. They can look absolutely gorgeous.

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