How to Build a Christmas Sleigh

Santa travels all over the world in his trusty sleigh on Christmas Eve and what would he be without it? Santa needs his sleigh to transport his presents! Your kids would love to have their very own homebuilt sleigh in their yard and you can build them one with this very easy sleigh plan, just in time for the season!2 Sheets of plywood (H)15cm x (L)2m x (W)2m high piece of smooth lumber Drill Exterior screws and L brackets Cut Off Saw Pencil Paintbrush Paint

Before you start anything, have an idea of what kind of sleigh and what kind of colour you’d like your sleigh to be. Try the internet for inspiration but feel free to go crazy, after all this is a really great way to bring you and your kids into the holiday spirit together.

1. With your plywood sheets, draw an outline of how you’d like your sleigh to be shaped on the side and at the size you want it to be. Then trace exactly the same on the other piece of plywood. (Fig 1.)

2. Cut out the two outlines with the cut-off saw. Make sure your kids are not around for this part!

3. Then cut two lumber pieces that are the same length of your sleigh, these will be the braces that hold your sleigh.

4. Put the braces on a steady surface, and then attach the braces to the plywood on the outside with an L bracket and two screws. (Fig 2.)

5. The width of the sleigh will really depend on your preference. Cut a piece of lumber which will sit in between the two pieces of plywood. It will sit nicely on the inside of your braces and then attach it with another set of L brackets. Double secure these, as this will be the seat. If you like, you can always add another seat. (Fig 3.)

6. Now that you have width, cut two more pieces of timber and attach them as your front and back braces
(Fig 4.)

7. With your remaining plywood, cut 2 pieces for your front and back panels that are the same width as the sleigh. And then once again attach them with the trusty L brackets. (Fig 5.)

8. You’re almost done! Now comes the best part. Paint your new sleigh whatever colour you like and when it dries- decorate it with tinsel and ribbon.

9. To make it last longer, consider lacquering it afterwards.

Step back and fill your new sleigh with sacks of toys and goodies and have yourself a Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

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