How to Celebrate Labor Day Safely

How to celebrate Labor Day safely

Labor Day is a major holiday celebrated around the world. There are many fire-related injuries during the holidays. This is a time to celebrate big with your friends and family. You cannot be too careful when it comes to fire.

There are so many ways to be safe and to have fun while celebrating the holidays. It is time to be with friends and family. Are you planning on having your own celebration? Do not lose sight on what’s important, the safety and well being of friends and family. Be sure to follow these simple safety tips and your holiday will sure to be the hit of the year.

Keep water on hand. Any time there is fireworks involved, it is wise to have a bucket of water nearby. Water will put out a fire if need be. A handful of sand can help to put out the flames as well. Buckets of sand and water are very important to have around when fire is involved.

Don’t play with fire. Fire is a dangerous element of nature. Extreme caution should be used when dealing with fire. Matches and lighters contributed to how fires are started and should be used with extreme caution.

Do not let children near fire or fireworks. No child should be allowed to play with fire of any kind. It is too dangerous. Fire is dangerous and can cause fatal injuries. Young children should be at a safe distance watching from afar.

Adult supervision is a must. Even adults need supervision. Very sad, but very true. Fireworks should never be left unattended for any period of time. Children love fireworks and will be extremely delighted to help in any way they possibly can. They need to be supervised closely and very carefully if you are going to allow them to help with the sparklers, etc.

Open field. Do not set off any fireworks near any buildings or trees. The open field should contain some kind of metal or flat concrete surface. Fireworks should not be on surfaces that may be uneven and flammable.

This holiday season, be sure to have fun and be safe. Safety should be the first concern. Fun times will be sure to follow. Just have fun and be safe. Happy holidays to everyone.

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