How to Choose Window Treatments for the Home

There are numerous types of window treatments to consider for the home. Each type serves its own purpose, whether functional or decorative. Some have multiple functions. With so many different types available, how can you choose between blinds and curtains, shades and draperies? Can you use more than one type on a window? First, determine your purpose for choosing window treatments in the first place.

A need for privacy

Large windows can provide a wonderful view of the lake, mountains or trees surrounding your house. On the other hand, picture windows that look into your home from the street have a lack of privacy. Particularly in bedrooms and bathrooms, you will want some sort of window treatment to provide privacy. Vinyl blinds may not look great, but they provide privacy when you need it and you can adjust them to let in some light. On the other hand, Roman shades or wood blinds might be able to better help you achieve the design style you had in mind.

Stylish touches

If privacy is not a concern, and you only want to soften up the straight lines of your windows, perhaps something made of fabric will work. Swags are long, thin pieces of fabric that hang over the windows and down the sides. They are purely decorative. Draperies are basically curtains that provide a stylish touch, and are often long enough to pool on the floor. Curtain panels not only help to add color, texture and interest to a room, but they can also provide privacy and block harsh sunlight when needed.

Light considerations

Sunlight is great, but not when it fades your furniture or creates glare on every shiny surface in the house. In rooms where there is excess sunlight, you might not have a choice but to cover up your windows–at least for part of the day. Blinds and curtains both work well to block light. Blackout curtains are great for those of you who work overnight and sleep in the morning. If you just want to filter the natural light, though, sheer curtains might be a great choice.

You can mix different types of window treatments, but you have to be careful in doing so. For example, blinds can be very boring. In this case, you might add swags or a valance to soften them up and add a colorful focal point to the room. You can even hang a swag over simple panels, but make sure the fabrics and colors work together to look like one piece, rather than two.

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