How to Create an Eye Makeup Look for Day Time Wear

Many of the most popular eye makeup looks that sites show you how do to are more special occasion or even evening appropriate. It seems the the idea of sharing ways to put on cosmetics that are appropriate for running errands during the day and heading into the office do not cross the minds of these beauty experts. Well it is time to change that.

This eye makeup look is something that is very easy to do and will go in any day time setting. You can learn how to do this even if you have never applied any cosmetics the first time that you try it.

Step One .

The first step to this or creating any eye makeup look is to gather together all of the tools that you are going to need. If you have makeup kit, then you are going to find that you have many of these items already on hand. You will need cream concealer, eyeshadow brush, an eyeshadow compact that includes the natural/ brown family, black eye liner, and of course a black mascara.

Step Two

Apply the cream concealer over the entire eye lid to start this eye makeup look for day time wear. The concealer works to do a couple of things. It neutralizes that natural color that you might have in your lid. This gives you a great palette for any colors that you plan to apply. The second thing this step helps to do is to make you eyeshadow last all day.

Step Three

With your eyeshadow brush, apply the cream of beige shadow from your compact from your lash line all the way up to your eye brow. You want to use a light hand when you are doing this. This color is going to help to brighten your eye area without having to have a color on.

Step Four

On the lid, you are going to apply the dark brown of your shadows. When you create this eye makeup look, you do want to create some depth with your eyes. The brown shadow goes from your lash line to the crease. You can then blend it into the crease so that the transition looks natural to the cream color above.

Step Five

Line the top lid with black eye liner. Black eye liner when used in this manner is not to bold for day time wear.

Step Six

A couple coats of your favorite black mascara is all that you need to finish this eye makeup look for day time wear.

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