How to Cut Your Money,energy and Time Spent Doing Laundry

Doing laundry takes a lot of time and energy. Laundry is a chore that never seems to end- kind of like an endless cycle.

How to cut your money,energy and time spent doing laundry.

1. Are you using an efficient dryer? According to Energy Star, purchasing an Energy Star qualified model rather than a non-qualified model will save you an average of about $70 a year on your utility bills. The amount of money saved can pay for the washer itself!

2. Are you using an efficient washer?

An Energy Star clothes washer will use up to 50% (15 gallons) less energy than standard washers (32.5 gallons).

3. Are your clothes that are being washed really in need of washing?

Some clothes, such as most denim, can be worn more than once between washes. What should get washed, obviously underwear and socks that have been worn all day, dirty items, and items that don’t smell right.

4. Are you using a top-loading washer?

Yes, a top loading washer will cost you less most likely when you go to buy it but, nearly 90% of the energy used for washing clothe is used for heating the water.

5. Use cold water when ever possible. This will cut the energy used.

6. Are you washing full loads? If you are not, you should adjust your water level.

7. Only use additional rinse cycles when needed. You may need to adjust your settings to do this.

8. Be careful to not over-dry your clothing. If you are able to do so, consider pulling items out early and hanging them to finish drying.

9. Be sure to clean out your lint filter after every use. This will make the heat circulation in your dryer run more efficiently.

10. You can also save energy by cleaning out the air filter that leads outside. When this becomes clogged, it can become a fire hazard.

11. Setting your dryer cycle to stop on moisture sensor. When timed drying is used, it can over-dry items.

12. If you are able to choose, choose water heater and clothes dryer that are fueled by natural gas. This can save you $10,327 over 10 years according to data from U.S. Department of Energy.

13. Are you loyal to a certain brand of detergent? Consider trying alternatives such as store brands and brands with coupons. Generally, powdered detergents will cost less per load.

14. Most liquid measuring cups provided with detergent have markings for different load sizes. Be sure to use the markings for your load size.

15. Some people prefer to hang dry clothing. While this takes more time and physical energy, consider drying half way and then hang drying items when you are able to.

16. Use an extra spin cycle to help items get a head start on the drying process.

17. Half a cup of baking soda can go a long way to brightening and removing odor from laundry.

18. If you are able to set the cycle time on your wash machine, set it to the shorted time possible to save bother energy and time.

19. Front loading machines may look more expensive when you go to buy one but, they tend to use less water and less detergent to run. This could pay off over time.

20. Save time on ironing by pulling items directly from a warm drying and hanging them on a hanger. If you have wrinkled items, put them into the drying with damp towels for a short time.

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