How to Decide on a Paint Color for Walls

A wall color is a major commitment. After all, paint is not the most expensive update, but it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to complete. This is not something that can be easily changed if the hue is wrong. It takes time to decide, and it is important to make the right choice to avoid color remorse. Read on to find out how to decide on a paint color for walls, and choose the right hue the very first time.

Buy a Brand that Offers Real Samples

When trying to decide on a paint color for walls, focus on a brand that offers real paint samples instead of just small paper chips. Samples make it much easier to decide on a paint color for walls. Choosing the right hue is easy with actual paint, and it does not have to be applied directly to walls when trying to decide.

Make Huge Paint Chip Samples with Poster Board

Decide on a color for walls by creating huge paint chips samples using white poster board, cheap foam brushes and samples. Simply apply the paint to the poster board instead of the walls, and allow it to dry completely for color accuracy. These samples are easy to make. They will help you decide on a hue, and without any room for any doubt.

View the Samples Against the Walls at Various Times of the Day

Decide on a color after viewing the extra-large samples at various times of the day under different types of lighting. Look at them in natural light and beneath artificial light. Place them next to the furniture, window treatments and in every location that matters. This is by far the best way to decide on a paint color since you cannot make a mistake.

Go with a Lighter Shade of a Favorite Hue when Unsure

When trying to decide on a paint color for walls, go with a lighter shade of a favorite hue when the intensity might be too much. If it could be too bright, too bold or too dark, opt for a lighter shade of the very same hue. This is the best route to take when you are not ready to take a drastic step. It will bathe the walls with the same color but in a much lighter shade.

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