How to Decorate Your Home After the Holidays

Tearing down holiday decorations can leave a home feeling bare and dismal. However, there is no need to proudly display Santa until Cupid rolls around in February. Here are five tips to inspire you to decorate your home for winter after the holidays.
Retire Santa and Rudolph back to the attic

Before you start your task of turning your home into a winter wonderland, take the time to retire any decorations that scream a certain holiday. Staring at Santa for months on end can get tiresome, and you don’t want to detract from the beauty of your other decorations. If it is red and green, has a blinking nose or says “Ho ho ho!” when you push a button, send it back to the attic.

Silver, white and sparkly!

Get some color inspiration from the beautiful snow outside and work with items that mimic its sparkling white, iridescent glints. Winter white, glittery accents will flatter any room regardless of wall and furniture color. Try using a large clear decorative bowl filled with glittery, ivory Christmas balls as a centerpiece on a coffee or end table. If sparkle isn’t your cup of tea, opt for matte or frosted versions instead.

Bring in the outdoors

Beautiful home decorations can be made from things found outdoors around your home. Pine cones, evergreen branches and even bare twigs all have potential to be beautiful home accents. Arrange pine cones around the home to add an easy, outdoorsy feel to your decor. Try using pine needles as filler in your decorating endeavors. If you have candle displays that you do not use for burning purposes, sprinkle the needles around the bottom of the candle for a woodsy feel. Make use of a few bare twigs by lightly spraying them with fake snow or glittery spray paint and arranging them in a vase to use as a centerpiece.

Warm up the home with candles

Aside from making a room smell amazing, adding candles to your home adds a warm, romantic glow. During winter months, try opting for scents that are warm, cozy and inviting. Sweet smells of cupcakes, sugar cookies and frosting are a personal favorite. Other great options include pine, cranberry, cider, and cinnamon scents.

Decorate with books

Winter months are a great time to tackle some books on your to-read list. Remind yourself to take the time to relax with a good book by using them to accent your home. One great idea is to purchase old books at yard sales, antique shops or online. If your home has a more modern feel to it, select your favorite books in hardcover versions and display them proudly on end tables, coffee tables or mantles.

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