How to Decorate Your Home in an Eclectic Style

My husband and I were living in our new home for an entire year before we purchased our first decorations. When we finally began shopping for decorations, I was torn. I didn’t know if I wanted to go with a theme or not. When we got to the store and began looking around, it was then that I decided to just go with it. We decided to eclectically decorate our home. We purchased what we wanted and as a much as we wanted. We bought decorations for each room in our home. We have now lived in our home for almost three years, and we are still happy with the decorations we bought.

For this room, we decided to buy things that would resemble our marriage. We purchased a beautiful picture of a lily, which was our wedding flower, two candle holders that matched the picture, a couple of picture frames that we inserted some of our wedding pictures in, and a red and brown comforter set to match the rest of the decorations. We hung the picture of the lily and the candle holders over our bed, we put the wedding pictures on wall adjacent to each other, put the comforter set on the bed the way that we wanted, and hung the matching curtain that came with the comforter set.

The bathroom is usually the first thing I see in the morning, so I wanted things in there to lift me up, and put a smile on my face. We bought two wooden plaques that had quotes on them, a knickknack with a cross on it, and a single bronze candle holder. We hung one of the plaques on the wall next to the sink, so that I could see it when I walked into the bathroom, and the other quote plaque we hung over the toilet, so that I could see it in the mirror when I am getting ready in the morning. We placed the cross knickknack and the candle holder on the vanity.

Spare Bedroom:
I never go into the spare room, and we very rarely have guests that spend the night, so we just bought a simple comforter set for this room. I know that most think that every room has to be perfect, but don’t spend a lot of money on a room that no one hardly goes into. Now, I can understand if you are wanting to stage your home, but if you’re living in it, there is no reason to go all out on it. Spend the extra money on the your favorite room in the house.

For the hallway, we purchased frames to put pictures of us growing up in, and a beautiful lily painting. We hung the pictures of us all along the wall in the hallway, and the painting of the lily, we hung over the stairs.

Living Room:
We purchased a burning sun wall plaque, a huge multicolored wall plaque, and two candle holders to match. We hung the burning sun on the wall next to our front door, and hung the huge wall plaque and candle holder over our couch.

We purchased floor mats, matching oven covers, and small wooden cooking paintings. I put one mat on the floor by the sink, and one by the oven, of course we placed the oven covers on the oven, and we hung the pictures over the stove.

The only theme that we really had, that was not intentionally done, was that most of the rooms in our home are different shades of brown, and so we purchased a lot of things that would match our brown colored rooms. Other than that, we just had fun and did what we want In the end, you have to live in your home, so make sure that it is decorated the way that you want.

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