How to Dress for a Medical Job Interview

When you are applying for a medical position, it is important to make a great first impression. First impressions are everything when it comes to a job interview. You want to appear as a professional individual and that you will take your job seriously. As you get ready for your interview to a medical job, you will want to make sure that you are wearing the appropriate attire.

You should keep your outfit conservative and professional. Do not attend the job interview wearing jeans, shorts, flip flops or tank tops. All of your clothes should be neatly pressed and be free of wrinkles. Females should make sure that they are not wearing too much make-up and not wearing a lot of perfume. A woman should attend her job interview wearing a pair of freshly ironed dress pants or a skirt. Do not wear a skirt that is too short. A pencil skirt can be paired with a solid-colored blouse. Shy away from loud or busy prints. You do not want the outfit to be the center of the attention for the interview. Be as conservative as possible. Males should wear a neat pair of pressed dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie. Men should also be sure not to wear too much cologne as well.

When choosing a pair of shoes, do not wear sneakers, platforms or flip-flops. Women should choose a nice pair of heels, flats or a dress shoe. Men should also wear dress shoes and skip the sneakers. Be sure that the shoes neatly match the outfit.

Not only is your wardrobe important for an interview for a medical job, but also hygiene. Both men and women should have their hair neatly brushed and combed. Women should pull their hair half back or into a professional and neat pony-tail. If a woman plans on leaving her hair down, it should be neatly parted. Do not over-embellish with brightly colored barrettes or ribbons. Men should also have their hair neatly combed. Lay low on the hair products as an individual does not want a lot of “goop” in his/her hair.

Attire should always be fresh and clean. You want to appear professional, educated and well-mannered. Always make sure your outfit is freshly laundered and pressed or ironed. Hang it in your closet or from your door the evening before to keep it from getting wrinkled.

Dress attire is important for any type of job interview. Remember that this is your time to shine and to make an incredible first impression. There will be many other candidates applying for the position and you must do your best to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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