How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving targeted traffic to your website is an important step if you wish to share your content with others. Let’s face it – you can have the best content on the web but without visitors, you will not get the results you desire. There are many creative ways to increase your website traffic. Some will cost money, while others cost only time. If you are working on time rather than money, try these free ways to drive traffic to your website.


Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made it increasingly easy to network with other people with similar interests. Post social sharing buttons on each article or blog post you create to allow others to “retweet” your links. Participate actively in a niche forum with your target audience. Share valuable and compelling content, answer questions, and give feedback to members.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the easiest ways to obtain free, highly targeted traffic to your website. SEO is a technique that helps search engines find and rank your website higher in comparison to similar sites. The website title, the content you publish, the pages and posts you create, and even the pictures you upload can all be optimized using certain keywords that attract visitors searching for those specific terms.


Backlinks are some of the main building blocks to good SEO technique. These consist of incoming links directed to your website or webpage. The number of backlinks your website has is a major indication of the importance or popularity of your website. When search engines measure the relevance of a website to a keyword, they consider how many quality backlinks are directed to the site.

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