How to Dunk a Basketball (Increases Your Vertical) Step by Step

Step one: Get your vertical Up to Par

Do this correctly and you should be dunking in no time. This is how a day’s workout should be in the exact order: First do 3 sets of “Wall sitters” 10 seconds each set. Place your knees at a 90 degree angle, hands stretched out in front of you and back flat on the wall for 10 seconds with 2 seconds break each set. Secondly do 15 reps of Squat Jumpers, 5 sets. As if you’re doing the Wall Sitters (pretend no wall is there) have that same stance, Then jump as high as you can in the air and land in the same position, with a 10 second break each set. Thirdly Calf Raisers, do until you “feel the burn” 3 sets, with 12 second break each set. Lastly Explosive Sprinting. Start off with an athletic stance and jump forward 15 times, right after the last jump Sprint 50 yards and back to your start position rest 20 seconds and continue doing 3 sets.

Step 2: Flexibility

Flexibility plays an important role in dunking the basketball. It loosens up your muscles and tendons and incorporates your fast twitch fibres with speed and endurance. So basically it gets your muscles ready for dunking. In order to increase your flexibility we do an exercise called Stretching. Stretching is very important in any sport you do it loosens up your muscles according to that specific sport or activity you are doing. Stretching in order to dunk may take 20-40 minutes when done efficiently. Start off by sitting down on a flat surface with your feet in front off you stretched out touching each other. Stretch your leg as far as possible holding it for 20 seconds. Now take your right hand and stretch and touch your toes (while stretching your feet still). Repeat for your left hand. Now stand up, take your right hand and bend it and put it behind your head, and use your left hand and hold your elbows. Now pull the muscles as if you are flexing and hold it for 10 seconds and switch hands. Lastly Lie on the ground with the bottom of your feet touching the ground. Take one foot and stretch it up in the air and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat for your other foot.

Step 3: Attempt Dunking

Every time you go to the gym always attempt to try dunking. Whenever you do try put in your 100%!Eventually your body will get use to the jumping and your muscles will develop and will be accustomed to you jumping. Dunking is just like everything else if you practice you get better at it, the more you do it the better off you are. Think of a kangaroo, it is always jumping and because it practices it’s skill all the time it gets higher and higher the more it jumps. Think about this example when you train, remember to always be motivated, be motivated because you really want to dunk! This is it, I just gave you the exercises you need now it’s up to you. Put in some work so you can DUNK! Do these Exercise 3 days a week, but never on the weekend, rest on the weekend!

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