How to Find Trendy Clothes on a Budget

When shopping for trendy clothes on a budget for yourself, kids or loved ones it can be hard and expensive, especially now in today’s recession. There are many ways you can budget your shopping and save money doing it. I am going to discuss some ways on how to save and look trendy all in one.


Sales are very important when trying to budget. Sales are everywhere. You want to wait for that store to have a great sale to get that trendy item you wanted on a low budget. Some stores even have an extra percentage off a reduced priced items to save even more. Most sales usually occur on the weekends or for a special holiday.

Where to find sales???

Do you get the newspaper every morning? Well, you can find all kinds of sale ads at your favorite clothing store. They even tell you what days their going to have to be having their BIG saving events. That’s a great way to find sales and know when to go so you don’t miss out on a good budget and that trendy outfit.

Bargain Stores

Bargain stores are the best way to be on budget and look trendy all in one. I know alot of people may think, “I won’t find my type of style at a bargain store.” But most bargain stores incorporate some of the same quality and style for a greater value in prices than what you would see if you went shopping in Beverly Hills in California. Bargain shopping is the way to go and you will be happy with yourself and your wallet.


Coupons are a good source of budgeting. Aot of bargain stores give you coupons whwn you purchase a certain amount. For example, say ypu spent $50.00 dollars on a sweater, for every $50.00 you spend you get $10.00 dollars off. That’s a great deal right? They sometimes even give you a certain coupon for their next sale to budget more savings. I say, that’s a smart way to spend your money.

So we went over some basic materials on how to find trendy clothes on a budget. Just make sure when go outside to get that morning paper, look at the ads to find what bargain stores are having a big sale and have your coupons ready as well. Tell your husband or your wife you won’t be home for awhile, shopping for yourself, kids or loved ones you will be happy with the results.

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