How to Gain 25 Pounds of Muscle in Three Weeks

You have probably heard that when you begin a diet you actually gain weight because your body realizes that it needs more calories. This is a state I like to call “Starvation Mode”. So in thinking that it needs more calories your body absorbs as much nutrients as it can from whatever you put into your stomach. This muscle-gaining program is built around that idea in the hopes that you will gain a solid 25 pounds of muscle in three short weeks.

To start off we will begin with your diet for the first two weeks. So as to shock your body into Starvation Mode, we must cut all carbohydrates from your intake and begin a protein only diet. The portions of protein you take must be small so that your body will begin starving for calories by the end of the first two weeks. When I forced myself through this drastic diet I also made sure I was extremely well hydrated so I drank a glass of water every half hour. Now if you have researched gaining weight as much as I have you will know how essential water is for muscle building. Water is one of the building blocks for all muscle gain and without being hydrated your muscles will see absolutely no growth whatsoever. Stay. Hydrated.

Now the exercise portion of this three-week program can be strenuous, but it is well worth it in the end. In the first two weeks I want you to do a total of five 30-second sprints every other day. Again, this is very strenuous, and if you cannot perform this task I suggest you revert to intense cardio. I hope for your sake that you are able to perform this sprinting exercise so as to maximize your results. What sprints and or cardio will do for you is burn even more calories from your already starved body. This is good because by the time you reach the third week of this program your body will be a pure sponge able to put on muscle lightning fast. On my rest days I did high repetition weight training to push my body even further toward that sponge-like state.

Finally, to begin the third week I ate huge portions of food. Not junk mind you. I’m talking, oatmeal, eggs, chicken breast. I stuffed my body. If you are like me and you cannot stand hearing bodybuilders and personal trainers say the usual “You need 4000 calories a day to gain.” Well that may be true but if it only lasted a single week like in my program it can’t be that bad. So I continued eating a lot, and drank a glass of water every half hour. I began taking Creatine in the mornings and Whey Protein after workouts. I took a multi-vitamin every day and several muscle promotional vitamins like L-glutamine, and Arginine, and other enzymes as well.

I stopped doing the sprint workouts and high repetition weight training and began heavier lifting making sure I had enough weight on to fail between the rep range of 8-12, which is the ideal mass building rep range. Anything below or above will increase either only endurance or strength gain. I did two full body workouts a day until the end of the third week, which lasted only 45 minutes a piece.

Now I have one last secret tip for you. Stretch every muscle only after workouts and before bed and your muscle gains will increase dramatically. I honestly cannot tell you why this works, but it certainly boosted my gains. By the end of the third week I had gained 25 pounds of muscle with minimal fat gains. Hope that this program works the wonders it worked for me for you.

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