How to Get Bubble Gum Out of Your Clothing

Items Needed: Depending on the Method you choose, you will need a few of the items listed below.
Ice Cubes Plastic Freezer bag Knife Iron Cardboard Boiling Water Toothbrush Hairspray Rubbing Alcohol

Method 1: Freezing

This first method is a simple method. The first step is to make sure that the gum is facing outward.

Next, insert the article of clothing into a plastic freezer bag and seal the bag. Take the freezer bag and position the bag in a place where it will not touch anything else.

Leave the garment in the freezer overnight.
The next day, take the bag out of the freezer. Quickly take a dull knife and gently scrape the gum off the clothing. Be careful not do damage the clothing or even hurt yourself.

If there are only small particles of gum on the fabric you an easily use an ice cube to freeze the gum and peel it from the fabric. This works well to remove gum from furniture.

Method 2: Boiling
If you have access to boiling water, you can submerge the area with the gum into the hot water.
Now getting the gum out should be easy. Take a old toothbrush and scrub the area with the gum vigorously until the gum has disappeared.

Method 3: Using an Iron
Set the iron heat to medium. Make sure the area with the gum is faced down to the cardboard. Now iron out the clothing until the gum has stuck itself to the cardboard.

Method 4: Hairspray
Spraying the gum with hairspray will make the gum brittle and will make it scrape easily off the fabric.
An alternative for hairspray is rubbing alcohol.
*Hairspray or rubbing alcohol may discolor the fabric*

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