How to Get Cat Hair Out of Your Keyboard and Other Computer Components

Our cat is Balinese, the long haired version of the Siamese. When he gets near a keyboard, said keyboard seems to attract hair even better than our clothing does. That means getting the hair out is mandatory.


If you look at your keyboard, you notice that there are open spaces between the keys and the rows of keys. That’s where the hair likes to sink itself. It also makes it difficult to remove.

Post it notes: As a maintenance method, I use the sticky part of post it notes. I fold the paper in half, so that it’s firm enough and small enough to get into these narrow openings. It usually takes several of them to do the entire keyboard, and you might be amazed at what comes out. If you’re like me and eat at your desk, you’ll also notice crumbs…

Keyboard vacuum cleaner: These must be handy to own, but we don’t have one. They can remove a great deal of what’s under the keys via the suction power. As it’s hard to take the keys themselves off (I’ve tried), this might be a good gadget to have around.

Canned Air: We use this for a number of different types of computer repair, but it is good on a keyboard. It’s best if the keyboard is held perpendicular to the floor or even upside down for best effects. It is much harder to use on a laptop unless you have some assistance.


Every fan in our house has this problem, but it’s harder on your computer if you leave it there. Post it notes don’t work on this issue, canned air does. If you happen to own a shop vac, place it near the fan or other fur covered component before you start. That way, the dust and fur will be sucked up and not settle on everything (and everyone) else in the room.

You may not think it’s important, but your whole computer may depend on keeping the fans in working order. This is true even if you have a liquid cooling system attached (we do). Being inside a case doesn’t give them much in the way of protection. If you notice the heat going up, that is one of the first things you should check.

There is one other way of keeping your cat from shedding around the computer, but I doubt it will work. Keeping the cat out of the room is difficult at best. Most cats find a closed door to be a challenge and will find a way to get into the room with the closed door…

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