How to Get Glass Glazier Jobs

A glazier installs glass and related items in commercial buildings, homes, and even vehicles. Glass Glazier jobs pay rather well once you have full-time employment. Aspiring glaziers should find out how to get training for this job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were almost 41,000 glazier jobs in May of 2010. These skilled workers earned a median hourly salary of around $18 and a yearly salary of almost $37,000. There was an expected increase of about 8 percent of glazier jobs and workers by 2018 for the 10-year period starting in 2008.

There is generally no specific college education for glass installation and work as a glazier. Like many skilled trades, the apprenticeship is still the main vehicle for glass glazier training.

Each state has an employment agency that can generally provide information on glazier apprenticeships in that state. This agency may be the Workforce Commission or go by another name. In Wisconsin, the employment agency is the Department of Workforce Development. Contact the proper agency to try to get information on this and other local apprenticeships.

Requirements will vary from place to place for glazier apprenticeships. However, be aware that most states are going to require a high school education or GED. Some apprenticeship programs may require an aptitude test.

A test for to become a glazier apprentice would involve questions designed to see if you are mechanically inclined. A good way to practice for such an aptitude test would be to get an ASVAB study guide. If you find out you need to take a glazier apprenticeship exam, then get that study guide and focus on the mechanical portion of the ASVAB. This is the most likely common source of similar questions for such an aptitude test.

It would also be helpful to have any kind of work experience in construction. Although not required, this would enhance your odds of being selected as an apprentice.

Of course, the work of a glass glazier is very physical. You do not have to be particularly physically powerful, but glaziers must not have any major physical problems. There is also some degree of lifting involved.

Once you complete a glazier apprenticeship, you can apply for full-time regular jobs with construction companies and glass supply stores. Metals manufacturing companies and automotive repair shops also hire some glaziers.


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