How to Get into a Good College with Decent Grades

Many kids go into high school and figure that college isn’t really worth their time. They don’t do well in their classes, skip school, don’t talk to their teachers, until they have an epiphany- WAIT. College is important! I’m never going to find a job if I don’t go to college. Are you done for? Think again.

Here are a list of things to accomplish with the time that you have left:

1. GET GOOD GRADES. Most of all, grades are the one of the most important things that colleges look for. Do not think that, just because you did bad at first, you do not have a chance. Colleges look for improvement and see that if you have improved over the years, that you have matured and realized that school is very important.

2. MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN. Teachers, especially those who have seen an improvement in you, love to think that it was them that created that improvement. Therefore, they would love to get to know you, and even write an amazing recommendation letter for you for college! Also, they have great opportunities and advice for jobs, internships, and other opportunities. They may even be able to help you after your high school years are over! After all, it’s all about knowing people!

3. MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN. AGAIN. Except, this time, not with teachers, but students! Show colleges that you are the leader of different clubs and sports and, therefore, that your peers like you! Plus, you’ll be able to make great friends in the process. It’s enjoyable for everyone!

4. Study very, very hard. Yes- standardized tests have questions about things that you have learned in the past. And, well, if you haven’t done so great in the past, it may be a problem. But you can change your fate! Study the things you never did so well on in school. Go over practice tests and always make sure to pay attention in class for now on! SAT scores are very important to colleges and, well, you do not want to mess that up.

5. Your college essay. Maybe the most important part of the application. Colleges want to see that you have something important to say about yourself, your life, your achievements. Why not talk about your “epiphany”? Your improvements? How much you have changed? Make sure to get it proofread by your teachers at school- admissions would love to see how you stand out from other applicants by this lifetime experience.

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