How to Get Rid of a Cigarette Smell in Books

Books can smell like cigarette smoke for a number of reasons, but more often than not they came from the home, vehicle or office of a heavy smoker. This is especially nauseating when the odor is imbedded in cookbooks, and it can be a health hazard to those with allergies. Do not get rid of good books just because they have an unpleasant odor. Get rid of the cigarette smell using one or more of these cheap and easy methods.

Place the Books in a Sealed Bag with Charcoal

Ordinary cubes of charcoal will get rid of a bad smell in almost anything, and it works exceptionally well when books smell like cigarette smoke. Place them in a plastic trash bag along with about a dozen charcoal briquettes. Tie a knot in the bag, and leave the books inside for at least two days. The charcoal will neutralize and completely get rid of the cigarette odor. If a trace of the cigarette smell remains, leave them in the bag for a few more days. They should come out smelling as fresh as they were when they were new.

Use Dryer Sheets to Get Rid of the Cigarette Odor

Some people have luck getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke with dryer sheets. Place unused dryer sheets of your choice in a plastic bag along with the books. Leave them in the bag for at least forty-eight hours before untying and/or removing the contents. Place the used dryer sheets between the pages to get rid of any remaining odor. The sheets will absorb the cigarette smell, and the light fragrance with help cover up any traces between the pages.

Place the Books in a Sealed Bag with Baking Soda

If you do not have charcoal briquettes and would rather not use anything with a fragrance in an attempt to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in books, use baking soda instead. Open a new box, and place it inside of a plastic bag. Arrange the books around it. Seal the plastic bag for two or more days. The baking soda will absorb and neutralize the cigarette smell, and the books will no longer have a cigarette odor or any other bad smell.

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