How to Help Make a Hospital Fun for Children

I was asked this question when a friend of mine was going through some testing for her daughter. She had her hands full with trying to help her daughter stay calm and be able to see the fun things that she could do while in the hospital. I am actually in the hospital with my daughter right now, so I feel like I can relate. I hope that the few ideas that I have will be of some help to those that have to spend time in the hospital with their children.

First: Try to make it a fun experience by taking new gifts along with you. As an example, I like to go to Target and buy items out of there 1-2 dollar bins and that way I can get a few items without spending a lot of money. This not only gives your children something to open but it also can give them something to look forward to when they are getting their blood drawn or having test done.

Second: Make your experience an adventure. This may sound unrealistic, but it really is a lot easier then you may think. If they are picky eaters, or just do not want to eat you can make selecting food off of the menu something special that only they get to do. This will not only make sure that they want what they are going to eat but it takes up time. Make eating and drinking a competition. Even though they are sick they still like playing games. Tell them that if they finish their food before you do then they will get a prize.

Three: Try and stick to the schedule that you have at home in order for them to feel more adjusted. Being in a hospital is exhausting! They need to know that you are going to not only try and get them feeling better but you will stay consistent.

Fourth: Keep some things only for the Hospital. As an example, I always make my kids slushies here in the hospital but I don’t let them have them when we are outside of the hospital. This again gives them something that they can look forward to having that is only reserved for when they are in the Hospital.

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