How to Keep Your Cowboy Hat From Falling Off

Whether you are a real cowboy or you just want to wear a cowboy hat for fashion, you’ll eventually run into the problem of it falling off your head. It doesn’t take much more than a gust of wind to blow your cowboy hat right off your head. Anybody who’s ever been horseback riding with a cowboy hat on knows this far too well. Here are some different ways you can keep a cowboy hat from falling off your head.

Secure It with Bobby Pins

This is not the most comfortable way to keep your hat on, but it works pretty well. A lot of female riders use this method because it is easier if you have long hair. All you have to do is fasten a bobby pin to the inner brim of the hat and your hair. Start in the back and work your way around the sides until your hat is snug and secure.

Buy a Pair of Stampede Strings

Stampede strings are probably the best and most comfortable way to keep your hat on. Some people might not like the way they look, but they certainly work. You can buy stampede strings from any tack shop or store that sells country-western apparel. You can also buy them online. They usually run between $15 and $25 and can be attached to any hat. You’ll also need a pair of grommet pliers and grommets to attach the strings to your hat or you can have a professional do it for you.

Stuff Your Hat

A super-cheap way you can keep your cowboy hat on is by stuffing it with paper or rags. All you have to do is stuff the crown of the hat with crumpled newspapers, paper towels or rags until there is no space between your head and the hat. It also helps to put some stuffing around the sides of the hat.

Buy a Custom Fitted Hat

If you don’t want to use any of the methods above, your best bet is to buy a custom fitted hat. A custom fitted hat will fit your head perfectly so it will always be snug and it will stay on your head in most situations without any problems. If you already own a hat and you don’t want to buy another one, you can have yours altered.

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