How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

It is not a secret that your hair is one of the most important body accessories that people notice. That’s why it must be kept healthy and shiny all day long. The health and beauty of your hair depend on a balanced diet of vitamins and nutrients. In order to maintain or improve the condition of your hair you need to take into consideration that it is very important to protect it from heat damage. If you wash your hair with warm water and then rinse it with cold water, your hair will become shiny, and the effect will last for 2-3 days. It is important to know that the shampoo you use must be natural and appropriate to the type of your hair. For example, if your hair is oily than you should buy the products which are specifically made for oily hair.
Another very important thing that can damage your hair is a comb that has incorrect forms. It is good and right to comb your hair. Nevertheless you should choose the right kind of comb. Toothcombs are suitable for long hair, round combs for medium or short hair. Buy wooden combs, or combs with natural nap, and avoid plastic or metallic combs. A comb that has metal or sharp ends could really injure your scalp.
Another secret is massage. You could massage your scalp by applying any mask. If your hair is weaken and dull, a good way to heal it is to apply mayonnaise onto your hair from the roots to the ends. Keep it on your hair at least 5 minutes and then wash your hair as always. This type of treatment does marvels to your hair.
Avoid frequent use of hairdryer, curling and different devices that have thermal influence on your hair.
Chemical treatments are another way to damage a healthy hair. Such manipulations as perms, straightening methods, dryers destroy the structure of your hair. It is not dangerous if you make such treatments once a year. However if you repeat these treatments frequently you can really damage your hair. Thus let your hair be treated naturally.



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