How to Lace-Stencil Cupcakes

Anytime I find a craft project that allows me to make something fabulous, with very little effort or money, I’m all in. The same goes for cooking and baking. If I can make something spectacular, impress my guests, and they’ll never suspect how little time was involved, it sounds perfect to me. Such is the case when you make lace-stenciled cupcakes. They look exquisite but are quick and easy to do. Just use lace as if it was a stencil and you can’t go wrong. Your cupcakes will turn out perfectly every time. I know; I’ve made these often over the years.

The lace you choose is very important. Firstly, the main motif on the lace should completely fit on a cupcake. Another thing to look at is the size of holes in the lace. If the holes are really tiny you won’t end up with as nice of a cupcake design as you will with large-hole lace. Something else to consider is the motif itself. Is the motif made of holes, or is it solid, with holes around it? Keep in mind that, while choosing the lace, the area with holes is what will actually appear on the cupcake.

There are different things you can use to make the lace-stenciling on the chosen cupcake. Don’t frost the cupcakes; just use powdered sugar for one such design. Lay the lace on the cupcake, sprinkle on powdered sugar, then carefully remove the lace. Remember to lift the lace straight up, then away from the cupcake, in order to keep from ruining the powdered sugar design. The powdered sugar looks great on a dark-colored cupcake.

If you prefer to have frosting on the cupcakes go ahead and ice them. Then, place them in the freezer long enough for the frosting to harden somewhat. Remove them from the freezer and lay the lace across the first one. Sprinkle on powdered sugar to create the design.

Instead of sprinkling powdered sugar on the lace to create the motif you can use a choice of other artistic goodies. Use candy sprinkles, cocoa, or even colored sugar. Dark sprinkles and such look good on light-colored cupcakes.

The lacey cupcakes are spectacular for any special occasion but you don’t have to limit yourself to just cupcakes. Make a design on a cookie, or use a large piece of lace, and make a motif on a cake or pie. Your guests will be really impressed but you’ll know that it was a breeze to create.

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