How to Lose Newlywed Weight

When I said, “I do”; my body revolted. It took months for me to lose just enough weight to fit into my wedding gown, but it only took weeks to pack it back on. Some thought I was pregnant, others ignored it, and still there were others that referred to it as “happy weight”. I know how you feel. Despite what others may think and how gorgeous your beau still says you are, you know it is time for change. Follow these three steps, and you will be back to your svelte self in no time.

1. Stop celebrating with food.
I have come to believe that the culprit of this newlywed weight gain is in fact marital bliss. There is no normal day in the newlywed life. Monday becomes the first work day you spent as Mr. and Mrs. Sunday is your one week anniversary. This list goes on and on. My husband and I celebrated these milestones with our favorite pizza, sushi, or drinks. Calories, calories, and more calories until a bloat turned into 30 lbs. Instead of celebrating with food try shopping for new lingerie. Ooh la la!

2. Limit your calories.
Only your doctor could dictate a calorie count that is right for you, but it is no secret that what you eat affects your weight. Try eating only small calculated portions of your regular indulgences, and indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables. Google some low calorie dessert options, and opp for a cup of coffee instead of a mixed drink after dinner.

3. Work it out.
Get up and exercise. It’s really that simple! Make exercise a part of your regular routine. Join the gym and hit the treadmill. Register for an exercise class, take a walk, or dance your heart out. Whatever you do, just keep moving and the weight will fall off in no time.

Trust me. These three steps helped me to lose the 30lbs gained in the few months after my wedding, plus more. What are you waiting for?

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