How to Lose the Last Ten Pounds

If you have been on a diet and exercise program to lose weight but cannot get rid of the last ten pounds which tend to hang on maybe you should update your strategy. It took a lot of discipline and diligence to get to this point and you don’t want to give up know. Pat yourself on the back and get ready to take it to the finish line as you lose the last ten pounds.

First and foremost don’t give up on your weight loss program. Stop worrying about what you can’t eat and focus on the calories. Watch your intake very closely at this point. Keep a journal and gauge exactly how many calories you are taking in at your current weight. Once this has been determined redesign our food choices or intake to reflect a reduction in calories but don’t do anything drastic. Be kind to yourself and go slowly. At this point you have made it this far and you don’t want to suddenly go on a crash diet.

You definitely want to continue to exercise with focus on walking, running or some type of high impact aerobics. Exercise is definitely important but the food you choose to eat at this point is crucial. Maintain your discipline in food choices selecting fresh and delicious food choices with low calorie intake.

At this point in your weight loss program to lose the last ten pounds you want to be methodical. Avoid sodas and opt for a glass of cold water with each and every meal. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Opt for five or six small healthy low calorie meals and snacks with a lower calorie intake than the amount that supports your current weight. Stay disciplined, and keep your eye on the prize and those ten pounds will melt off.

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