How to Make a Beautiful Jean Pocket Change Purse

I personally think blue jeans are the most useful material ever. You can make so many craft projects with them. I always have a pair of old jeans lying around to cut up for place mats, drink coasters, or fun magnets. So one day while cutting a pair of jeans, I decided to make neat change purse instead. I like mine sort of flashy with rhinestones and glitter. I have to carry an easy access change purse that is large enough to grab inside my purse. And my jean pocket change purse is very easy to locate. The fabric is a little stiff and I hardly ever have problems seeing or locating this accessory easily.

What you will need:Scissors Old Jeans Rhinestones Hot Glue Gun Permanent Glitter Glue Zipper (the width of the pocket about 6 Inches) Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine

First, you begin by taking the scissors and cutting the pocket out of your blue jeans making sure to cut only around the outside of the pocket.

Next, you turn the pocket inside out and sew the zipper into the open top part of the jeans pocket. You can either hand sew the zipper or use a sewing machine. Hand sewing is a lot easier and loop stitching the zipper works just as well or even better than machine stitching. Now you unzip the zipper and turn the pocket right side out and then zip the zipper shut again.

To make a change divider inside the pocket, you sew just a simple vertical line up the length in the middle of the pocket. You start sewing at the bottom and then ending about 3 inches up. If you look inside your pocket, you notice the two sides are separated. This separation line allows you to keep change, dollars and cards separate from each other. Now, you are free to decorate your new jean pocket change purse. You can write a favorite phrase in glitter glue or your name. And you can use rhinestone decorations that are simply glued on with hot glue. If you want a little open pocket inside the change purse to hold dollar bills, simple sew your divider only 2 inches in length and then sew a little pocket just up from the divider.

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