How to Make a Book Trailer

If you are an author, you will need to make book trailers to promote and sell your books. Don’t think you have to pay for such services whether you are starting out or not. You can make your own book trailers free. First, think of a book trailer as a movie trailer. Whatever you say, and images you include in your video you want to make many people interested. You need them to want to buy your book when it it released.

Step One: Create Your Script

Before you begin, you should have your script ready. Write a short summary of what your book is about. You will want to write it in such a way that will spark curiosity and make people want to read your book.

Step Two: Find The Photographs

Do a simple search online putting in the keywords Public Domain Photos, Royalty Free Photos or Free Commercial Use Photos. You will be able to find photos to use for your book trailer video.

Step Three: Find The Music

You can go both ways with music. You can purchase royalty free music of find free commercial music. With royalty free music, you purchase it one time and will be able to use it again as much as you want without paying extra for it. Free commercial music would be anything that falls under public domain, or creative commons. To find these websites, put in the keywords public domain music, free royalty free music or creative commons music. Choose music that goes along with whatever your book is about. For example, if you are doing a contemporary romance book trailer, you wouldn’t choose a horror music track. You’d pick something that is softer, flowing and beautiful emitting the emotions of the characters in your story.

Step Four: Putting It All Together

Use Windows Movie Maker to import all of your photos and music. Put your photos in the order according to the script your wrote. Add the music track. Lastly, you need to write your script on the appropriate photos. Make sure you pay attention to font color and size. Furthermore, make sure there’s enough time for people to read what you wrote, so it doesn’t go by too fast. Add effects to the videos to make it more spectacular. Playback and save adding the credits at the end listing the websites where you found the photos and the music some websites would want you to do. Now you are ready to show the world your book.

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