How to Make a Paper Sliding Wreath

Wreaths adorn doors, windows and walls throughout the year. Seasonal wreaths for winter, spring, summer and fall use specific items to indicate the season. Adornments for the wreaths include flowers, colored leaves, berries and small items such as Christmas ornaments, bows and pinecones. A simple wreath to make at home uses paper. Paper squares cut from newspaper, colored paper, white paper or wrapping paper create an interesting texture for a wreath. A paper sliding wreath allows the crafter to create the fullness of the wreath using a sliding process of the paper squares along the length of the wreath frame. Make a sliding paper wreath from recycled paper in an afternoon.

Things You’ll Need:

Metal clothes hanger
Wire cutters


Step 1 – Cut one wire on the clothes hanger just below the twist to separate.

Step 2 – Shape the coat hanger into a circle.

Step 3 – Measure, mark and cut 300, 6-inch squares of newspaper.

Step 4 – Fold the four corners together on the 6-inch squares. Do not crease.

Step 5 – Slide the cut end of the clothes hanger through the center or approximate center of the square. Slide the paper to the opposite end of the wire. Repeat the process with the remaining squares.

Step 6 – Twist the cut end of the clothes hanger around the twist under the clothes hanger hook.

Step 7 – Bend the hook of the clothes hanger down on itself to hide the end of the hanger from view.

Step 8 – Hang the wreath from the hook on the clothes hanger.


Hot glue or wire adornments throughout the sliding paper wreath.

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