How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Materials you will need:
Empty oatmeal box Black tempera paint Craft knife 1×1 inch flat copper square (paper thickness) Masking tape Sewing needle A 4×6 inch piece of photo paper
1 – Cut an empty round, cardboard oatmeal box in half (horizontally) using a craft knife.
2 – Make sure the lid still fits securely on the top (so no light leaks through).
3 – Cut a 2×2 inch square hole in the side of the box.
4 – Tape piece of copper in the box with masking tape.
5 – Use the pin to poke the tiniest hole you can make into the middle of the copper.
6 – Paint the inside of the box with black tempera paint.
7 – Using the part of the box that was cut off, cut a 2×2 inch window in the center.
8 – Place the cardboard piece from above so that it covers the copper hole.
9 – In a bathroom (or a place where no light can come in the room), place a piece of photo paper inside the box (opposite from the copper) and close the lid.
10 – Slide the cardboard window so that the hole is uncovered and let it set in front of an outdoor subject for about 1 minute (may have to try different times to see what works best).
11 – Develop photo paper as usual.

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