How to Make a Simple Mosaic

Finding interesting craft or art projects for children under the age of 10 can be a daunting task for many individuals. The best crafts are one that teaches a child something about art history when completing the project. One such project is a mosaic.

The history of the mosaic dates to the early cultures of the Ancient Mesopotamians, Byzantines, Egyptians, Greece and Romans. The exact date of the creation of the mosaic is not known but it is felt that it was developed over 4,000 years ago. Some of the earliest mosaics are seen in southern Mesopotamia where Terra Cotta cones are embedded in the fascia of buildings.

Create a mosaic with children using items found around the house such as broken eggshells, pasta noodles, rice, dried peas, dried beans, tapioca, seashells, small pieces of ribbon, buttons and so on. The various shapes, colors and textures of these items can be used separately or together to create a unique and one-of-a-kind mosaic.

Things You’ll Need:

Mosaic material (listed above)
Poster board, railroad board or large piece of cardboard
Yarn or string
White glue
Paper punch


Step 1 – Place the poster board, railroad board or large piece of cardboard on a flat work surface. Draw a design on the surface. Make sure to make the individual areas of the drawing large like in a child’s color book.

Step 2 – Squeeze a line of white glue along the drawn lines. Cover the glue with yarn or string to create the outline for each section of the mosaic.

Step 3 – Squeeze drops of white glue in one section of the divided mosaic pattern. Smooth the glue out with your finger to cover the entire area.

Step 4 – Select the first item, such as pasta noodles, and place them side-by-side on the glued area. Add more glue and repeat the process as needed.

Step 5 – Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with different colors, texture and shapes of mosaic items in each section on the mosaic. Make sure the entire surface of the poster board, railroad board or large piece of cardboard is covered with mosaic pieces.

Step 6 – Set the completed mosaic in a safe location to dry for a minimum of one hour.

Step 7 – Punch a hole approximately 1-inch from the top two corners of the mosaic. Thread string or yarn through the holes to create a hanger. Tie the ends of the string or yarn together to secure.

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