How to Make an All Natural At-Home Avocado Facial for Dry Skin

If you have dull, dry skin and are looking for a great facial mask, you can’t go wrong with the natural goodness of avocado! It removes impurities from the skin like a clay mask does, but it also moisturizes at the same time to prevent irritation and flakiness. Avocado, in addition to its naturally moisturizing oils, contains an important beauty nutrient. It’s a little known fact that potassium promotes healthy and glowing skin.

And in addition to how fantastic it makes your complexion look, this facial is also incredibly simple to do on your own. That makes it a good pick for a lazy night or weekend of at-home, spa-style beautifying.

Begin by heading out to your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Here, look for either one large or several small ripe avocados, preferably organic–we want to pull the toxins out, not put them in!

How do you know when they’re ripe? Look for avocados with no squishy or dark parts. They shouldn’t feel too soft or too dense, but firm with a bit of give.

Give your avocado a good rinse with purified water and/or an organic produce wash. Then cut it in half, working around the pit. Remove the skin and discard it. Place the two halves in a bowl and mash them thoroughly with a fork.

Now, here is where you can get creative–you can either simply use the pure avocado, or mix in an optional ingredient or two to boost the power of your mask.

Some ideas: Stir in a few tablespoons of plain, full-fat organic yogurt and the lactic acid will help to gently exfoliate your skin. Add a tablespoon of olive oil for increased moisturizing, or half a mashed banana for the benefits of anti-aging antioxidants. If you have sensitive skin, try a soothing handful of grated cucumber. And for acne fighting, use a tablespoon of honey for its anti-bacterial properties.

Mix your ingredients thoroughly, then apply to your whole face, avoiding the eye area. Wait 30 minutes, then rinse. If your mask has set a bit, all natural baby wipes are a quick and gentle way to remove the mask.

Now, for the last and easiest step yet: Admire your newly glowing complexion!

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