How to Make an Elegant, Energy-Efficient Chandelier

For a romantic, whimsical project, turn a set of battery operated string lights into a functional hanging lamp that appears to float on the breeze. This chandelier made of LED holiday lights, besides looking uniquely glamorous, minimizes energy consumption with its low power demands and low heat generated.

Blow up a latex balloon until it forms a sphere, then tie it. Do not inflate the balloon all the way or it will lose its spherical shape.

Purchase a set of LED string lights on a bendable wire. If you can’t find bendable wire string lights, wrap the length of regular string lights with wire so they become moldable. Make sure the set, whether wire or regular, is battery powered.

Wrap the string lights around the balloon, bending the wire to fit the curves of the balloon as you go. Continue changing the direction in which you are wrapping for maximum coverage over the balloon’s surface. Leave an opening on one side of the sphere as you wrap. Make sure it’s large enough to fit the battery pack because you will insert the pack into the sphere upon completion. Be sure not to leave any other holes equally as large as you wrap or the battery pack could fall through.

Use these steps to make multiple LED globes if desired. Pop each balloon used with a needle. Reach into the globe and remove the popped balloon through the hole left for the battery pack. Insert the battery packs into the globes and allow them to sit within, resting on the curved wires.

Finish each globe by hanging it with fishing wire for the appearance of hanging in midair. Wrap the fishing wire around several pieces of wire at the top of the sphere. Double knot the fishing wire to secure it. Attach the opposite end of the fishing wire to a ceiling hook. Try hanging these homemade chandeliers outdoors from tree branches for a romantically lit elegant gathering. These homemade, sparkling globes also make a perfect accent for a summer wedding.

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