How to Make Decorative and Functional Glass Coasters

Homemade coasters, like the store-bought varieties, provide both functionality and personality by protecting your tabletops from damage and complementing your home’s décor. Complete this quick project using several basic components, and you’ll soon be using your personalized and professional-looking coasters to serve beverages to guests at your next gathering. With the many varieties of glass tiles, these creations are infinitely customizable. Use shimmering, glamorous metallic tiles in a lavishly decorated room or mosaic tiles for an intricately styled coaster.

Find a decorative glass tile that measures 4 inches by 4 inches. Make sure your tile is clean and free of debris. Turn the tile upside down and treat the bottom surface with sandpaper. This will help guarantee a secure bond to the cork board.

Use a mixing stick to mix both parts of a two-part epoxy paste in a disposable container. Follow the proportions specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. Stir with the mixing stick until the epoxy has a consistency similar to toothpaste, approximately one full minute. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves while working with epoxy.

Use a second, clean mixing stick to apply the mixed epoxy to the sanded bottom of the tile. Apply a medium-sized lump to the center of the tile and spread evenly like frosting to cover the entire bottom surface. Epoxy forms a strong bond and is difficult to remove, so be sure to protect your work surfaces in the event of spills or drips.

Align the edges of a 4-inch by 4-inch cork board with the edges of the tile. Press the cork against the epoxy-covered surface of the tile to act as a buffer between the glass tile and your table’s surface. Do this immediately after applying the epoxy to the tile, as epoxy will begin to set quickly.

Let dry for 24 hours. Repeat, if desired, to make matching coasters.

“How to Use,” A Plus B Epoxy Putty

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