How to Make Dream Catcher Earrings

What you will need before we begin to create Dream Catcher earrings.

1 pair of scissors or wire cutters.
1 pair of silver completely sealed hoops.
6 silver feather charms to dang down the earrings.
6 beads of any color or style to spread through-out the web work.
2 silver fishhooks to attach to the top of each of the hoop earring.
1 24 inch silver wire – divided in half.
6 silver jump rings to attach the feathers to the hoops

If you wish your dream catcher earrings to be gold instead of silver simply change everything written up here to gold.

1. Take one piece of the silver wire and tie it to the earring hoop on the top left side of the connector, be sure your knot is tied tightly and securely. Try to make the knot as small as possible. You want your dream catcher earrings to look tidy.

2. Make seven evenly spaced blanket stitches around the hoop. This is easier than it sounds. At first it will be very hard to make them even and even harder when you go around them the second time as they stretch. So don’t be upset if your first pair of dream catcher earrings doesn’t turn out all that well. When you get to the point where you started, loop your stitches over the wire spanning between the first row of stitches. Continue stitching around the hoop until you have completed the web at the center. I have personally found holding the wire tightly as you weave your way around the web will stop surprise stretches of the loops you created. The reason I find this tip is important to pass on to you is, I found it to be the most frustrating part of making these earrings. I was even about to give up till I discovered that. It made creating the earrings a breeze once I knew how to control the wire and how it was going to stretch. If you spend more than 7 minutes creating the looping around the first part of the hoop you are trying too hard. Simply loop keeping the wire snug. These dream catchers are a lot easier than you think.

If you wish now is the time to add seed beads to each stitch on the third time around the web. All depending on the style of beads you wish to use you may want to use them on the second time around not the third. Once you make one pair you will have an idea on how you wish to mix them up a bit as well as if you want to use seed beads, rocks, stones or glass beads. Adding beads creates another problem you will need to learn to adjust to. My tip about this is much like the wire tip, when you add the beads remember to keep the wire snug. I’ve noticed that it’s easy to lose grip and focus more on the placement of the beads rather than the tightness of the wire. The beads will fall into place automatically as long as your wire working is secure.

4. Now that the web is complete, tie a knot and cut off the remaining wire. Once again you must be sure your knot is tied tightly and securely. Tug at it a bit just to be sure, don’t tug too hard you could end up breaking the wire. Try to make the knot as small as possible.

5. Attach the fishhook to the hoops connector and add the jump ring or rings and feather charm or charms to the bottom of the hoop. You have just completed one earring.

6. Repeat the above steps to complete a pair of dream catcher earrings.

You will find when you are done with the dream catcher earrings it has only taken about 15 – 45 minutes to create.

I enjoy selling dream catcher earrings, and giving them away as gifts with the story behind dream catchers.

Native America’s believe that when the dream catcher is hung over or near your bed freely in the air to swing, it catches the bad dreams and allows the good dreams to slip through. You can do some research on the internet an come up with some really creative cards to print and place with the dream catcher earrings.

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