How to Make Money Online

In this article, I will discuss several ways for you to make money online, working right from the computer you are using right now! Please keep in mind that none of the websites or companies discussed below has endorsed this article, nor do they have anything to do with its wording or publishing.

The following are several online “jobs” I myself have tried and have experienced an income from:

1) Yahoo! Contributor Network
The Yahoo! Contributor Network is an online opportunity for people just like you and me to write for an esteemed and well established company. It is free to sign up, and you can have your first article published within minutes. All you need to do is sign into Yahoo!, navigate to the Contributor Network, and submit your content! At first, you will get very little compensation, but after writing and accepting assignments, you will be offered more and more money to write specific articles! It truly is a great way to make some extra money if you have the time to invest. Good luck!

2) Fotolia
Fotolia is a website created to allow photographers (professional and amateur) and graphic designers to associate with potential buyers of their work. It is free to sign up, and you can upload pictures immediately after you verify your email address. Once you submit photos and the corresponding information, businesses and designers will be able to search for your photos, and you get a cut of every sale! Fotolia is a really great way for freelance photographers to make some decent money.

3) Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost is a website on which users can take surveys on products and marketing. It is free to sign up, and extremely easy to use. You will be given surveys almost immediately, and new ones will come along regularly. The surveys vary in length and compensation, but after a few you will start to see the money you have earned build up. Taking surveys is a great way to make money online, and Opinion Outpost makes it incredibly easy to start making money quickly.

These three websites are all websites I have tried myself and have made money on. They are all very easy to use and will have you making money in no time. Just stick with whichever you choose and you will soon have some extra money, be it for spending or the Holidays. Good luck!

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