How to Make the Layered T-shirt Look

Rejuvenate old T-shirts and give them the new layered look. The process is so simple that you will want to create several top layers to wear with multiple colors for the bottom layer.

Things You’ll Need:

Craft knife
Quilter’s cutting mat or an old magazine
Disappearing sewing marker
Cotton swab


Step 1 – Draw a design for a stencil on a piece of paper that is approximately 6-inches wide and 10-inches long. A good design to begin with is a collection of leaves. Draw a stem that is approximately 6-inches long and ½-inch wide. Leave a gap of ½-inch between the stem and the leaves. Draw three leaves on either side of the stem and one on top that are 3-inches wide and approximately 2-inches tall.

Step 2 – Place the paper on an old magazine or quilter’s cutting mat. Use a craft knife and cut the different shapes from the paper.

Step 3 – Place the T-shirt on a flat work surface so the front is facing you. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 4 – Position the paper stencil in the desired location on the front of the T-shirt. A good example would be diagonally from the shoulder to the center of the T-shirt or from a bottom corner to the center. Trace along the cut-out shapes with a disappearing sewing marker.

Step 5 – Cut the shapes from the T-shirt with scissors.

Step 6 – Optional – Slide a magazine or quilter’s cutting mat between the layers of the T-shirt. Dip a cotton swab in bleach. Draw around the outside edge of each cut design to remove the coloring from the T-shirt. This adds emphasis to the cut-out area.

Step 7 – Optional – Rinse the T-shirt with cool water to remove all excess bleach. Dry.

Layer the cut-out T-shirt over a second one. Think about the color combination to create a complimentary look.

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