How to Make the Most of Being Self-employed

Are you having trouble finding a job or working for someone else while making an insufficient amount of money or are you being treated coldly by your boss? You can take control of your own career and fate. By giving entrepreneurialism a try, you will earn additional money and put yourself in a position in which you can look attractive to a potential employer as a result of not being an unemployed worker who is just sitting around and not contributing to the workforce in any way. You will learn how to get started as an entrepreneur and make the most of being self-employed.

What you should know about my business

I earn all of my money through self-employment. The things I do include writing articles on a freelance basis, taking surveys and having an online business. As a retailer, I provide a keyboard typing lesson and an academic study guide.

How I got started as an entrepreneur

For the last several years, I have been taking surveys online. In June 2006, I chose to start my own online business which I could use to get paid teaching people what I have learned about typing and studying through years of trial and error. During the following May, I started writing articles pertaining to my industry and other areas I am an expert in for Ezine Articles in order to establish my credibility, teach people things and bring more traffic to my website. I soon discovered online companies that pay for article submissions such as Helium, Associated Content and Triond.

What I have learned through my business

Conducting e-commerce is not easy. In order to make it as an Internet retailer, you must be patient, persistent, open to learning and willing to adapt. Additionally, you must have a quality website and make it easy for your visitors to pay you by providing something such as a PayPal payment button, assuming that you have a free premier account or a business account with PayPal. I have written articles on search engine optimization methods and an article on inserting buttons into a website.

What I wish I knew before starting my business

You do not necessarily have to pay for a website in order to operate your business. For my first two years, I ran a website I had to pay for. It was frustrating paying nearly ten bucks a month for hosting fees and paying nearly twenty bucks a year for website domain registration while not making enough in sales to make a return on my investment. I eventually discovered I could establish my presence online by setting up a free blog with Blogger.

How you can get paid writing articles, taking surveys and blogging

To earn money writing articles, you should write for Helium, Textbroker, Associated Content and Triond. You can earn money taking surveys and reading E-mails with Ad Paid, Be Ruby, Dollar Surveys, Focus Pointe Global, Global Test Market, HCD Surveys, My Survey, Opinion Outpost, Send Earnings, Springboard America, Survey Savvy and Word Linx. If you use Blogger, you should click “Monetize” on your dashboard and sign up for the Google Ad Sense and Amazon Associates programs. Other ways you can make money on your blog include using the Google Affiliate Network and providing your link to Spread Shirt once you open up an online store with them that enables you to sell apparel.

You have learned how I became an entrepreneur and what I do for self-employment. Use this information to have more success running a home-based business.

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