How to Make the PSP 1000‘s DPad Suitable for Fighting Games

Those of us who stubbornly refused to upgrade as new iterations of the PSP released have consequently been stuck with a lacking Dpad (Directional Pad). The 1000’s Dpad buttons are raised too far from the contacts. This forces players to press each button down with more force than is usually needed to receive feedback. It also makes performing maneuvers which require diagonal button presses (jumping forward, jumping backward, hadouken etc.) nearly impossible to achieve.

This article will focus on giving you a step by step guide to improving your PSP’s Dpad so that you can perform Hadoukens with ease.

Disclaimer* This method does require you to open your PSP, so be very careful. It’s a very simple procedure so even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-wiz, this should still be a breeze. Before beginning, make sure you’re in an area without too much dust.

What You Will Need:

1.) PSP 1000.
2.) Small Cross Screwdriver.
3.) Scissors & Sheet of paper (Preferably Sketch Pad paper but any will do).

Opening Your PSP:

There are 7 screws that will need to be removed if we are to open the console.

1.) Remove your PSP memory stick.
2.) Remove your PSP battery and if you have any game in the UMD drive, remove that to.
3.) Once the battery has been taken out, you will have to remove the warranty sticker.
4.) Take you screwdriver and remove the screw directly below the screen, under the PSP logo.
5.) Now remove the 4 screws in the battery compartment.
6.) Now look to the right of the big PSP logo on the UMD drive, there will be two holes. Those are the last two screws. Remove them and then turn the PSP over, screen facing up.
7.) Carefully remove the case and turn it over.

Fixing The Dpad:

This is actually pretty easy so it shouldn’t take you long at all.

1.) Take the sheet of paper and cut out a rectangular piece about 3 inches in width and 1 inch tall.
2.) Now cut out 8 small pieces of paper, each about the size of a Dpad button.
3.) The PSP case should still be turned over. Now look to the right of the case and you will see the Dpad rubber. Remove it.
4.) With the Dpad rubber removed, we can now see the plastic buttons. Take 2 pieces of paper and place them directly over each button. You may have to place them 1 at a time. Do it the way that works best for you. When complete, each button should have 2 pieces of paper.
5.) Now carefully place the Dpad rubber back.
6.) When putting the case back on, test the [ ] button and make sure it isn’t getting stuck. If it is getting stuck, readjust the case.
7.) Place the screws back in.
8.) Enjoy playing fighting games on the PSP 1000

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