How to Make Your Bed … with Coils, Latex, Memory Foam, Etc

Most people think of great deals on bed sheets during Labor Day white sales, but a new trend for the holiday shopping weekend is mattress bargains. But if you can’t muster the energy to drive around in holiday traffic to visit mattress stores, you can shop online at, a unique site where shoppers can design their own mattress.

Like the typical mattress shopper, I didn’t know much about what to look for in a mattress, but the site makes it easy with icons and explanations for each component. First you choose your size, then your level of support, then softness based in your preferred sleeping position, then your set up — which can be no foundation to an adjustable base. Once you have made your selections, the bed is virtually assembled and you see a photo of it. One very cool feature is the ability to nickname the bed on a custom label.

The site features a running tally of your costs as you add each layer, so you can play around with different materials to stay on budget. It also price compares, so you see what you are saving buying online versus brick-and-mortar mattress store shopping.

Overall the prices are 20 to 40 percent lower than mattress stores, and if you have already shopped around and bounced on a few beds to know what you like, you can speed through the design process in about five minutes. If you need help, they have operators available for chat.

Besides the price advantage, there’s another hassle you can avoid by shopping on Create-A-Mattress — waiting for delivery. Delivery is guaranteed within 14 days anywhere in the US and includes set up.

My ideal bed was a queen size plush latex mattress $2,399, which sure beat the $3,325 I would have paid elsewhere, and I got an additional $150 off for Labor Day since my order was over $999.

The great thing about this Labor Day sale was that it took very little labor.

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