How to Make Your Sweat Stink Less

Your sweat tells you a lot about how your body metabolizes fuel to burn. When your body has excess amino acids in it, then you will have smelly sweat. Sweat that stinks typically has that tell-tale ammonia odor (I call it the cat pee smell), and can be a sign that your body isn’t getting enough carbohydrates to use for energy throughout the day, and is burning off ample proteins instead. Hmm … So, how do you calm down the stink of your sweat? Well, there are a few options you can utilize to sweat more effectively without all the stink.

Get in your snacks that have healthy carbohydrates in them so when you do work out or sweat, you expel less amino acids (proteins) and more carbohydrates for energy. This means, snack on an apple daily, eat oatmeal for breakfast, or switch to whole grains in your bread, rice, and pasta to get in those healthy carbohydrates in your body for energy, and therefore make your sweat less potent. You won’t have as many amino acids to burn, and your sweat will therefore stink a lot less.

If your sweat is consistently strong no matter what you eat, consider this- you may be lacking in hydration. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you are. Drink more water, and your sweat is bound to stink less. Also, make sure you are wearing an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant (they are not the same thing, y’all) or rub witch hazel in your armpits before bed- this helps to close your sweat glands so you at least don’t sweat as much.

Bacteria is to blame for sweat that smells like chicken soup (at least to me it does). Wash your armpits daily with soap and water and wear cotton clothing to keep your armpits dry and free from bacteria. This will cut down on this type of stinky sweat substantially. Again, drinking more water helps, and so will adding more healthy carbohydrates to your diet, particularly if you are an active person.


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